Surprisingly enough, the Timeshare industry is still going strong, and in some cases expanding. With sales decks in many countries, visit most major holiday destinations and you can almost guarantee that somewhere along the way you will be offered a tour around a resort.  But how do you know the place you are being  show is actually a Timeshare resort,  not just a sales deck offering accommodation of a similar level,  for one or two weeks a year, for two or three years only?

What if you decide you like the Timeshare concept but are not in position to go ahead at that moment?

Billed as a try before you buy, it may initially seem appealing; however the catch will probably be a few years of holidays that are difficult to book, with very limited availability, no late offers, and the possibility of a booking fee or any other host of extra costs.   Don’t forget you can also expect to be faced with a high pressure sales pitch, from a friendly rep each and every time you travel.  These really are last option sales techniques, and as such the timeshare resort you wish to travel to will have profiled you before accepting any kind of booking.

Our question is how legal is this type of sale?  In reality, you are not buying a Timeshare, so not covered by any of the European timeshare laws.   You are not buying through a registered travel agent either, so not offered any protection from ATOL or ABTA.

We advise caution with any timeshare related holiday investment,  always make sure you have a cooling off period, make sure you understand what you are signing, and if in any doubt contact a reputable advisory service that will look at your agreement for you.

If you feel stuck with a Timeshare, the Timeshare resale and consulting advisory team are on hand to offer you a solution.  We offer a free evaluation of your contract, and impartial advice of your options.

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