Timeshare Loans.

In the world of Timeshare sales it is all too easy to get caught up, swept along and convinced you can afford that dream holiday home –  a week or two in the sunshine, luxury accommodation and a lifetime of care free holidays.   Generally, the presentation that was to just give you information will become a pressured sales pitch.

Selling the dream is what these guys do best, and making it affordable to you is the easy part for any sales team.  Suddenly a few hundred pounds ( euros, kronor – all the same) seems a great way to pay for a slice of Luxury to call your own.

Returning home,  many realise the reality,  that actually,  it might not be such a great idea,  but with the deal done, signed and sealed there are not many ways out.

So what are you likely to be offered?

  • Direct Finance from the resort, monthly payments, interest free, and generally more of a payment plan.
  • Unsecured Personal Loan, organised via a finance company, normally with an extortionate interest rate
  • Personal loan, organised via a well known bank in the clients country of residence
  • Home equity loans, or equity release. Finance using your main residence as a guarantee.

Before you commit to any form of financing, always check the small print, check the interest rates and take your time to calculate how much you will actually end up repaying.

Any finance agreements should be approached with caution to ensure your home, or personal credit is not in jeopardy,  but where does that leave you as a Timeshare owner?

Can you claim against a timeshare that is still being paid under a finance agreement? 

No matter how your timeshare is paid for,  it is always worth getting specialist advice.  With a team of legal eagles, Timeshare Reclaim offers a free revision of your contract, and a simple explanation of the options you have to be free of your Timeshare.  Don’t wait any longer. Contact us today.

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