Timeshare for one?

As a single traveller you may have been faced with the annoyance of having to pay a ‘single supplement’.  Having to fork out for the ‘privilege’ of travelling alone can feel frustrating – not to mention downright unfair.  It can seem as though you are being penalised for holidaying on your own.  In recent years we have seen a growth in companies catering for one,  but what about a Timeshare?

While,  yes, as a single person you can own a Timeshare, you may need to find a different point of entry!

Traditionally Timeshare in Spain has always been aimed at couples, or families.  Just take a stroll through your holiday resort and look out for the guys & gals on the street that invite you to have a look around a new hotel / holiday concept.  If you are alone, your morning walk to the beach or restaurant will see you left in peace, and not approached.  Take that same route with a partner and you may find you face a completely different outcome.   As a singleton gone are the offers of free car hire, a holiday or even a lousy t-shirt!

So if you are not on the list to come on in, how do you get to look around as a potential owner?    Can’t say we have heard of many travellers, single or otherwise,  walking into a Timeshare reception with the cry of – how can I buy one!   We would generally recommend an Owners referral.   If you have friends, family or acquaintances that own Timeshare,  that are happy with the services offered by the resort, ask them for the possibility of renting a week.   It really is a great way to try before you buy, and you have the back up of being able to ask them about their own experiences.

As a reclaim company, we would always advise you to check any sales contracts, and ensure it is sold to you correctly and legally.

Whether it is cost effective is a whole other issue,   on reflection, it could be a great option.  The only fluctuation on buying and annual maintenance costs comes down to the size of accommodation you chose to invest in.  The purchase price for a studio or one bed apartment won’t change just because you are single (many other factors may affect it, but that does not appear to be one of them!)   The annual maintenance cost will remain the same,  and you may even find your resort can arrange a shared airport transfer, keeping the costs down again.   And generally a timeshare resort has a slightly better security aspect.

Timeshare resorts should rethink their demographics – Make Timeshare for One easier to buy!

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