The prosecuting authorities of Las Palmas will have approved two reviews of the timeshare company Anfi del Mar for failing to pay past customers after being charged by the courts and for insolvency, according to the newspaper Canarias Ahora.

It should be a law firm that represents the Anfi customers who have submitted the reviews against Anfi Resorts and Anfi Sales. Over 13 million euros away from accounts.

The newspaper article states that the content of Anfi Resorts and Anfi Sales accounts have been reduced from EUR 14 million in 2014 (before the first Supreme Court ruling canceled a timeshare contract with the company because it lasted forever – maximum duration should be 50 years ), to less than half a million euros in 2017.

This has happened while the economic activity of the timeshare group has been maintained, and there should therefore be money.  The newspaper has not found out where the money that is gone has ended, they write. Anfi will have lost hundreds of such lawsuits where customers demand the contracts canceled and their money back. Claiming it to be a deliberate strategy

The lawyer who cites Canarias Ahora claims that Anfi’s strategy is to delay the processes and avoid paying out the amounts that the courts have ordered them to pay. He says in the newspaper article that there is reason to suspect that Anfi Resorts and Anfi Sales have been under-capitalized to achieve insolvency and thus avoid payments. The Canaria Journal has asked for an answer from Anfi’s Communications Manager for these allegations, but has still not received any response after seven days.

Must be pushed to pay

Another lawyer who runs several such cases for Anfi customers, Javier Correa Guimerá, tells the Canary Journal that he has not experienced that Anfi has not paid after being convicted, but must be forced to pay.

Every single court decision is appealed by Anfi, he says.  – I have won virtually all cases in the courts of San Bartolomé de Tirajana against Anfi. It also applies to several issues I lead for Scandinavian clients. The judges declare each contract invalid, he says.

The lawyer states that most judges also judge Anfi to pay interest, and sometimes even the legal costs.- Sometimes my clients get more money than they had expected, he says.

One of the things he leads has gone completely to the Supreme Court, he says. Others are trying to declare voluntary insolvency. From the law firm Timeshare Reclaim & Consulting (TRC), the Canaria journal can hear that they think it is unfortunate that the timeshare companies again do not do the right thing. It is pointed out that Anfi, like most companies, uses all sorts of tricks to avoid giving customers what they owe them. Fortunately, in this case, it has been caught up in time, and the prosecuting authorities have seen what the company is trying to do, TRC points out.

In other cases (other timeshare companies), they try to declare voluntary insolvency even though it is sold for millions, TRC emphasizes, wondering where the money went.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that clients must understand that the money is there and that these companies cannot get away with not paying the customers the money that has been awarded to them in the courts.

TRC assures all customers that they will not stop working until their customers have received their money.

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