When this Norwegian couple received the news of their sentence, they thought it was a joke.

      “They had explained to us that we had a good chance of winning, since according to the lawyers, the contract we had signed with the timeshare company was illegal, and thus the Spanish Supreme Court had ruled in cases very similar to ours; but we still couldn’t believe it…”

The couple had acquired several weeks in a complex belonging to Anfi del Mar Group. At first everything seemed to be perfect, but soon the problems began.

      “Maintenance fees were almost as expensive as regular vacation!” Commented J.P., who complained that there was no point in paying such high fees when for the same price you could, for example, take a week´s vacation to Cancun”

The real problems came when J.P: and his partner asked Anfi to buy back their weeks, just as they had been promised would happen if ever the case arose.

      “At first they flatly refused to buy back and after many letters asking for what they had been promised, they finally wanted to give us no more than € 3,000 for our weeks”

Like J.P. and his wife, many couples find themselves stuck in a timeshare vacation system that no longer makes sense and they are forced to pay large maintenance fees without their property having been revalued as promised when they first purchased.

In the words of Marc Franssen, CEO of the law firm that represented J.P. In this case: “Many couples are still in the same situation because they are unaware that in these cases, justice is on their side”

According to his law firm, it is estimated that approximately 10,000 timeshare contracts signed in Spain between the years of 1999 and 2015 are illegal and the Spanish juridical system has ruled over and over again in this regard.

The three most common cases of legal non-compliance are contracts known as Floating Weeks, those purchased in perpetuity (lifetime ownership) and those where money was paid on the day or within 14 days from the date the contract was signed, all cases prohibited by Law 42/1998.

Courtesy of TRC, you can see the sentence here.

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