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Know us

The best team for your freedom

We are a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the Timeshare Industry.

Having become disillusioned with many practices taking place within the industry we organized our efforts and decided to dedicate our experience in fighting for the rights and interests of thousands of families and clients like you, who have seen that Timeshare is not the profitable investment promised when they purchased.

Our team of lawyers, economists and ex-directors of the industry will analyze your situation in depth and offer you made to measure solutions.

We can defend your interests throughout the Spanish Territory. We will guide you step by step to recover your investment and we will keep you informed at all times.

If you find yourself trapped within a Timeshare Scheme, paying abusive maintenance fees for weeks you do not use and with no possibility of recovering your investments, TRC is the solution for you.

Hanna  Scandi Consultant

Sarah  English Consultant

This fantastic team can assist you in English, Spanish, Norwegian and German.

Hanna and Sarah are the link between you and our legal department. They help you compile the documentation needed for your claim, clarify your doubts, keep you informed of the process and assist you at court in the event that your presence is required (although this is not normally necessary).

Maria – CO

Much like the mechanics of a Swiss watch, Maria plays a key role in keeping TRC ticking. Amongst many other tasks, María is responsible for the compliance of the company, ensuring at all times that our practices mirror our excellent reputation. She oversee´s all company activities: checking the business ethics that we have set for ourselves and the protocols regarding data protection. She analyses and decides on the commercial agents or associates that we work with and or use our brand. She also monitors and updates our clients regarding bad practices in the sector.

Marc – CEO

Marc is our think tank, his primary mission is to design services that adapt to and meet the needs of our clients. He establishes and builds relationships with foreign companies who have interests in Spain related to the legal sector, broadens our commercial network and leads and supports our commercial agents offering our services.

Samuel – CFO

Samuel’s primary role is to control the viability of your demand. After more than 20 years as a finance manager in the timeshare industry, he knows the balance sheets and the corporate ties of the leading timeshare companies operating in Spain. His finance experience means, at times, his conversation isn´t very exciting but he is keen, has great knowledge and will not accept or proceed with a claim if he believes there isn´t a chance of getting a client their money back.

Fátima – Lawyer assistant

Fatima is the legal department´s right hand. She organises the documentation that has to be sent to the lawyers, communicates the progress of all the lawsuits to Sarah, Hanna and Kim and prepares the contracts, powers of attorney and keeps the lawyers’ agenda up to date.

Pedro – Chief of Lawyers

Pedro is the head of the legal department. He is the person who signs for and takes charge of your claim. He analyzes and draws up the legal strategy and co-ordinates the lawyers and attorneys depending on the territory where the claim is filed. Supported by a great legal team at his law firm Ab eco Group Lawyers Consulting, he is able to delegate as and when his workload increases. He is also famous in the office for bringing us muffins for breakfast.