After the festivities are done, the decorations are down and the 9-5 has returned, January often becomes the time of year to start planning the next holiday  Will you be browsing the web for exotic locations,  sunny beaches,  snow topped mountains, or an off the beaten track adventure?

If you are reading this – chances are instead of the above, you are trudging the through the process of trying to figure out what on earth you can do with your Timeshare!

Have your maintenance fees risen higher than the cost of renting a private island?

Are you fed up with the constant battle with a sales team?

Or most importantly – is the cost of your holiday more than it is worth,  both financially and mentally?

If you feel stuck,  think you may have been mis sold, and are trapped with a Timeshare  we can help.  With just a few simple steps, we can assess your claim, and advise if you have a case.

Our Reclaim team are just a phone call away, and we guarantee to give you impartial advise.   It would be handy if you have the details of your timeshare  close by, as the more information you can give during the call the easier it will be for our team to research your claim.   Our specialist timeshare lawyers review every case, and will give you an honest and concise evaluation if you have a claim.

Where we can,  we offer local rate calls, and can help in English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Dutch,  and probably a few more!

It is easier than you think !

More than a free evaluation, we can offer  you  the best legal advice and the peace of mind that your case is in the right hands.

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