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Timeshare Exit

Easy, fast and safe

A Claim is not For You?

It may be that a claim/lawsuit is not for you or that given the amount you paid for your contract, it is not profitable to proceed with a claim. The recovery of monies may not be important to you and what you want is to get out of the obligations of your Timeshare contract, the annual maintenance fees and renovation costs once and for all.

If this is your case then our Exit Plan is the best option for you


Welcome to our exit plan

The Exit Plan is a legal process that whilst it does require the involvement of our analysts and lawyers, it does not require the presentation of a claim through the courts. With this process, our attorneys will initiate the “unilateral cancellation” of your contract, fully releasing you from your obligations in exchange for the surrendering of your weeks along with any financial compensation. This procedure cancels all the rights and obligations that were undertaken by both parties when signing the original Timeshare contract.

There are 2 options:


If your contract violates any of the clauses contained in the law 42/1998 (see here), the Timeshare company does not have to agree to the unilateral cancellation of your contract. In this case, we legally protect you against any claims on their part, as well as against any financial entities, collection companies and other related creditors. Even if the timeshare company refuses to accept the unilateral cancellation in writing when urged to do so.


If your contract “does not breach” any of the clauses contained in the law 42/1998 (see here), then the response and acceptance from the Timeshare company is necessary. It is a beneficial course of action for the Timeshare company as they have a property returned to them that has already been sold, although it must be said that it may take a while to get a written acceptance from them.



We analyze your contract and any possible legal deficiencies in such a way as if it were a claim. You will need to provide us with an authorisation to be able to act and to start the process on your behalf.


We identify the current creditors on your contract and any other companies related to them through liquidations, takeovers, changes of administration and/or business mergers.


We communicate with them and call them requesting an amicable cancellation of your contract, offering them an adequate response time.


We prepare all the appropriate legal documents, clarifying the legal grounds and jurisprudence that support your decision.


We notify them through all possible legal channels to aquire a “legal acknowledgement of receipt.”


Our lawyers remain alert for the subsequent 24 months so that, if during that time, you still receive any claim related to your already cancelled contract, they assist you and proceed and act accordingly.