For those who live and work in Spain, it is a well known fact that in the run up to Christmas there are two very significant National Holidays in one week.  If you are on vacation in Spain,  prepare for disruption!

The Dia de la Constitucion (Constitution day) celebrated on December 6th and Dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion (Immaculate Conception), on December 8th.

So, what is Constitution Day in Spain?

The Dia de la Constitucion is a national holiday in honour of the constitution of Spain. The Spanish Constitution is the current basis for the Law in the Kingdom of Spain.

The country has a rich and diverse History of Monarchy, and varying constitutional laws throughout the ages,  However this was overthrown in 1938 by General Franco.  This dictatorship lasted until the death of Franco in 1975 and is possibly Spain’s most notorious period.

in 1977, following a general election, The Spanish Parliament drafted a new constitution, which marked the change for Spain and her citizens, returning the country to a Monarchy and Democracy.

Los Padres de la Constitucion, (the Fathers of the constitution), were the seven members of Parliament, chosen to compose the Constitutional draft, and represented a diversified political spectrum.

The Draft was approved by the Spanish Parliament 31st October 1978 and following a referendum,  was supported by the majority of Spanish Citizens who had the chance to vote on 6th December 1978.

The Constitution came into effect on 29th December 1978. Since that date, 6th December has been recognised as a National Holiday in Spain.

If you happen to be in Madrid, why not pay a visit to the monument erected in 1982 in honour of this historical day.  You will find it in the Bellas Artes Gardens, by the Natural History Musuem.

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