Choosing the right legal team - Timeshare

How do you know if you have the right Lawyer for your timeshare case? Is there even such a thing as a ‘Timeshare Lawyer’?

Reclaiming your Timeshare is the term that has come to be used for making a case through the courts against timeshare ownership that has been miss-sold.  When you, the owner, have been granted conditions in your contract, that are in fact illegal.

The Spanish Legal system has taken a stand against contracts like this and, in cases, are declaring the contract null and void with a full refund issued to the owner.

This is not something we would recommend you try without the help of Legal counsel.

Many companies claim you can do this by downloading a pack and directly present your case, but even with a knowledge of the Spanish Language, we would never advise this as an option. After all, if you were buying a property in your home country you generally use legal services. It would seem crazy not to use them in a foreign country.

For the complete service we would recommend a company that understands the timeshare industry, that can initially advise you if your contract contains any such clauses before you run up legal costs. All reputable Timeshare Reclaim companies will have a team of Lawyers that have studied the legalities of the Timeshare Laws, but many will not have a grasp of the personal aspect of your ownership.

By acting as an advisory service, Timeshare Reclaim and Consulting will deal with all aspects of your claim from start to finish. All our general advisers have a long history within the industry.  Working closely with our Spanish legal team we can liaise with the Lawyers and barristers and provide you with direct updates and information about your case, not only in your own language, but in a language you understand. Our service is personal and approachable, meaning you never need to worry if your questions seem trivial or irrelevant. We are just a call or an email away, and are happy to put your mind at rest.

So, we always say – YES, use a specialist timeshare lawyer, we also say YES, use an advisory service that can offer the complete package to simplify and understand your claim.