Reclaim against Inherited Timeshare

Timeshare inheritance clauses, conditions and laws seem almost as confusing as the details and understanding of owning and using one.

So what do you do if you find yourself the benefactor of an unwanted timeshare?

In short, Take legal advice as soon as you can!  

It appears to be a minefield of legal loopholes, dependant on the type of Timeshare ownership in question. The inheritance laws in your own country may also play a part in how the property is viewed. From a very basic point of view,  – In the UK at least,  a deeded interest can be considered as  personal property. Therefore will form part of the deceased estate and can be inherited, along with any associated obligations.

The question we are most often asked is can you accept part of an inheritance and refuse the rest?  Can a Timeshare company force you to continue with the contract, and demand payment of ongoing maintenance fees?

We can’t state strongly enough – this is something only legal representation in your own country will be able to clarify. But your inheritance doesn’t need to be a burden  – So,  in short – Can you reclaim against an inherited Timeshare?

The good news is YES!

As with every case, we would first need to assess your contract to verify if you have  viable cause for a claim,  and there maybe slightly more paperwork , but the TRC team will guide you through the minefield.

If you are not sure get in touch,  one of our team will be happy to help!

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