Chances are, as a Timeshare owner, you have come across Timeshare chat groups , Timeshare forums, been suggested facebook groups, read Timeshare blogs etc etc, the list goes on.
But do they really help with providing correct information? In a nutshell, Sometimes!!

These groups and pages help owners share their experiences, learn about the subject and feed the need for a commonplace and reassurance. As the saying goes information is power .
On the other hand, you could come away with doubts, fears from horror stories, and generally confusion!

Do you only take the information you want to hear?
If that is negative do you end up feeling worse than when you started?
What if it’s not correct?

Our advise?

1) Yes, use the tools you have, but always always check with a reliable source to ensure you are not scared off, or afraid to find out your legal rights.

2) Make notes on your findings and verify them, again, always use a reputable company, and ensure you have solid legal information.

3) Don’t take on a Timeshare company alone, you will often find yourself overwhelmed, talked into things, and not sure of where you really stand.

TRC have a team of lawyers, specialised in Timesahre ownership, so don’t be afraid to ask. Base your decisions on facts and legal standpoints – not hearsay and exaggerated stories. The correct information could just save you thousands!

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