Anfi Bullies Again | Timeshare Reclaim & Consulting

Unbelievable but true! Not only have they been selling illegal contracts since 1999 but they are now trying to force owners to sign new contracts stating that the new law obligates them to do it.


Here is an example of what ANFI is saying:


As you probably already know the updates are generated because of the changes to Spanish Timeshare Laws. Unfortunately the 99 years clause was replaced by the Court of Spain, in 2012, the Spanish Act 4/2012 in July 2012. It was then mandated as Mandatory by the Government, and the court decided that it has to be that every contract is modified to this law since 2017. Anfi fought against this decision, but ultimately the court insists that the agreements are updated to ensure equality and that all timeshares follow the same rules. Your original contract was 2009, and was not illegal, as it was not issued between 2012 and 2017, but, the law was backdated, so 2009 was unfortunately has to be covered in the update by the courts.

This is not the case and contains misrepresented and untrue information about what was actually declared by the Spanish Courts. Most timeshare contracts written up to and including 2017 are null and void as they contain serious regulatory violations of Laws 42/1998 and 2/2012, which established the prohibition of entering into this type of contract for an indefinite period of time or for more than 50 years, or by selling contracts without a specific week and apartment number clearly defined (Floating).

If you are an Anfi owner what can you do?
1. Claim your contract through the courts in order to get your money back
2. Keep using your weeks as per your original contract.

However, if you have not yet decided to go to the Spanish Courts to cancel your current contract, we STRONGLY advise you not to sign any document that pertains to correcting the illegal contract, AS if you do, you will lose the opportunity to claim against it in the future and you will be unable to recover the amounts invested in it.

Therefore, it is completely untrue that the Courts have ordered Anfi to remedy the illegal contracts, it is also absolutely false that you are obliged to do so.
You are perfectly able to continue enjoying your timeshare contracts without the need for any other procedure, until the moment you decide to put an end to this situation and claim through the courts.

Failure to sign these new contracts should have absolutely no consequences to the owners so if Anfi is bullying you into signing let us know so we can help you.